Why not play the drums?

TeachDrumPlaying the drums is fun and anyone can try it.
Whether you do it like a pro or you just pound away on drums, it’s exciting and entertaining. You can be silly, you can be strong, you can play with different rhythms and you can collaborate with different instruments.

Without a good drummer a band is just a lot of noise.
If you learn how to play drums, you set the tone, the beat, the rhythm and the mood of a song. A strong drummer can enhance any band or musical production. Think about your favorite rock song, imagine it without the drum beat. Not so awesome, right?

Playing drums relieves stress.
It’s no coincidence that you feel your levels of stress and anxiety diminish when you hear or play certain music. Rhythm, and more specifically the act of drumming, has been shown to reduce stress hormones. Drumming can give you energy, can relax you and can help you blow off steam.

It’s a great workout.
Using your upper body and your lower body to create drum beats burns calories and a lot of energy. An hour-long drumming session can burn over 200 calories.

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