Q. How long are the lessons at the school and how often do they take place?
A. All our lessons are weekly, are one hour long and involve direct teaching.

Q, Will I have to stay with my child during the free taster lesson?
A. We like parents to stay with their children so that they can see our teaching methods at first hand.

Q. How long before I can play a tune?
A. Straight away! We aim to get students making music from the moment they first use the instruments!

Q. Do you only take beginners?
A. No, we have classes of all standards so that even if you play already there will be a suitable class for you.

Q. How old are your pupils?
A. We have pupils of all ages and our courses cater to anyone from 7 to 90 years. (9 for guitar tuition). We also offer a Junior Music Course for younger children aged 4 to 6.

Q. Do you use headphones during lessons?
A. We do NOT use headphones. There are certainly many places that do and the contact time between teacher and student is usually around 5 minutes in every hour, for which you can pay anything up to £30. This allows teachers to take pupils of very different standards at the same time. You are effectively ‘paying to practice' in these circumstances. Something we consider to be extremely unfair.

Q. How much are your lessons?
A. Check with our lovely people for the  current rates.

Q. Do you provide exams?
A. Yamaha has it's own exam system with which most pupils begin. We then enter students for exams with Trinity College London which is accredited by the QCA. Guitar pupils can enter exams with Rock School.

Q. Will my child have any opportunity to play in any concerts?
A. We hold concerts every year with additional opportunities to play in 'class concerts' as well as in events such as ' Children in Need.'

Q. Do I need an instrument to begin with?
A. This is not entirely essential for the first two or three lessons. However, you need an instrument to practice at home.