What Is Your Earworm?

It happens to most of us. We have all been victims of the “earworm” phenomenon, where a song occupies space in your head, repeating over and over again.

My earworm song is typically summoned with a simple “Stop!” And, voila! Ice, Ice Baby will become a temporary, if not annoying, tenant in my head for untold minutes or even hours. You don’t have to love a song for it to get stuck in your head. It’s probably a combination of three things: pace, shape of melody and unique intervals.Free Keyboard Taster Session

Generally, an earworm occurs when our brains are in some sort of“relaxation” mode; try not to sing it while in the shower! A number one example of an earworm song, according to researchers is Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance – A song that sticks with an upbeat pace and fluctuating pitch.

On average, listeners can expect to have an “invasion” at least once a week.

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